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Design Your Project

Whether you are looking for a turnkey landscape design & installation, or you plan to do the actual landscape work yourself, Nature One, Inc. provides a full range of design services to make your landscape projects come to life!

Below you will find information about our process and please feel free to call anytime.

General Landscape Consultation

($100.00 per hour for new clients, no charge for existing clients)

Onsite meeting with Kevin Thienpont. You may use this time however you like.

  • DIY Projects
  • Erosion Control
  • Property Management
  • Function & Flow
  • Installation Practices
  • Design Ideas
  • Inspections
  • Drainage & Irrigation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscape Ideas
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • General Estimates

Landscape Design/Build Consultation

($100 per hour *will be applied to landscape design fee if you decide to move forward with the process)

Onsite meeting with Kevin Thienpont. This meeting will take place after the general landscape consultation and/or after a detailed phone interview. The purpose of this meeting to focus on design, the function and flow of the landscape project and budgets. Upon conclusion of this meeting you have as much time as you need to process the information and get back with me if you choose to move forward.

The next phase of the process is determined by which direction you choose to take. The following options will be discussed during the consultation phase to help you select the best fit for your project.

Landscape Design/Build Estimate

This option is great for small projects that do not require a design. If I collect enough information during the consultation process, there will be no charge for this estimate. If the project requires more thought and data collection, I will provide an estimated hourly rate to produce the proposal. This usually requires 1-2 hours of design time.

  • Rough sketch (not to scale) mainly for my purposes only
  • Work areas listed separately with detail scope of work and material list

Full-scope Landscape Design Plan

This option is great to produce a conceptual landscape drawing, please do not get this mixed up with a true construction set of drawing. The difference is Landscape Designer vs. Landscape Architect. A landscape designer can product a concept drawing to showcase landscaping ideas and potential layouts if you are looking for a glance into what your landscaping project would look like completed. A landscape architect can take this concept a set further and produce actual construction details for the project. While most of our work does not require a landscape architect, in some cases you/we will need to hire one to produce the details for certain areas of the project in order to get a permit. This will be discussed up front if any areas of the project require this type of detail.


  • Landscape Design fees run 5% of the construction budget with a $950 minimum.
  • Homeowner will need to provide current survey.
  • CAD generated drawing to scale
    • I will work hard to understand your vision you wish to create. I will go over function and flow in detail with you to help stay connected throughout the design process.
    • Once the first set of preliminary drawings are complete, we make any adjustment needed and begin the estimating process.
  • Detailed Proposal
    • Since its impossible to know the actual cost of a project until you run the numbers, I will work with you and provide alternate installation options with pros and cons of each to reduce the overall cost and/ or alternate design options until we reach budget.
    • This is a fixed design fee along with a true project cost. The only change orders will be anything sight unseen (something out of my control or buried under ground that causes us to incur more cost or we regroup and look at it from another angle to stay in budget).
    • Project will be broken down into layers or work areas of the project
    • Each work area will have a detailed scope of work, our installation process and material list
    • Payment schedule and warranty information defined
Nature One Landscape Design
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