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Hardscape, Softscape, Irrigation, Lighting, Drainage & Waterscape


  • If you are designing a new outdoor space or overhauling the hardscape you already have, Nature One, Inc. will help guide you, from beginning to end.
  • There are many different elements that go into the design and overall feel of your outdoor living area. Some add softness and life to your space, and some add structure and harness. Both, when designed and implemented together properly, create the prefect space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends.
  • Hardscaping your yard is about more than just aesthetics. It serves a purpose and is extremely important to the overall function of your outdoor space. When planning your outdoor space, it is important to consider how they will impact the function and flow of your landscape.
  • When designed and correctly implemented hardscaping also provides fluidity from the inside of your home to the outside. Building an outdoor kitchen, deck or patio creates and provides outdoor amenities that rival those of your indoor space. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit drastically extends the use of your outdoor space well into the colder months. Having a usable living space outdoors helps encourage you and your family to spend more time outside and gives you a great place to entertain.
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