Landscape Design

Whether you are looking for a turnkey landscape design & installation, or you plan to do the actual landscape work yourself, Nature One, Inc. provides a full range of design services to make your landscape projects come to life!

We also provide consulting & design services for lawn irrigation and decorative landscape lighting, outdoor cooking areas, outdoor kitchens and outdoor relaxing & entertaining centers.


Landscape Design Consultation

Our initial visit will include an interview process between Nature One, Inc. owner, Kevin Thienpont, and the homeowners. Kevin will listen to all of your ideas and help you formulate overall goals for your outdoor living spaces.
Once the scope is identified for the project at hand, conceptual ideas will be discussed, along with other issues that might need to be addressed, including grading, drainage, irrigation, outdoor lighting, etc. This is a great time to see the project as a whole and to address any concerns before moving on to further stages of the design. Consultations are also available for your assistance if you decide to take on your landscape project yourself.  Our initial consultation fee is $100.  There is no charge for consultations with existing customers of Nature One, Inc.

Landscape Project Cost Estimate

detailed cost estimate includes – a rough sketch (not to scale), an itemized list of all materials at cost, and an itemized list of all labor associated with the installation of materials. This will help you decide whether you want to do the work yourself, choose to have Nature One, Inc. help with specific parts of the project, or have Nature One, Inc. handle the entire project. The detailed cost estimate is typically the best way to go for small projects which require only 1-2 hours of design time.

Full-Scope Landscape Design Plan

If you choose to get a detailed landscape plan, it will include – a detailed CAD generated drawing to scale, 3D modeling if needed on specific areas of interest, an itemized list of all materials at cost, and an itemized list of all labor associated with the installation of materials. I work hand in hand with you on the project, collecting homework I give you to help me understand your style, taste, and desire. I go over function and flow in detail with you to help stay connected throughout the design process. Once the first set of preliminary drawings are complete we make any adjustment needed and begin the estimating process. At this time we can see the costs associated with the project and can adjust the design to fit your budget. Once all preliminary changes have been made and the project is in budget, I will produce a final set of conceptual plans, and we will then be ready for the installation process.