Landscape Lighting

Custom Outdoor Lighting Installation

Low voltage outdoor lighting is arguably the most rapidly growing market in the green industry.  You have probably seen the low voltage lighting products in your local big box home store which often times are very disappointing or the unbearable plastic solar lighting kits that simply glow but don’t provide any true ambient light.

There is a monumental difference in commercial grade low voltage products and the true functionality when used.  Low voltage ultimately should be able to perform at the same level as true line voltage when done properly, but at a much lower rate of overall wattage and less dangerous than having 120 volt cable running outside the home.

Professional low voltage lighting installation has seen such a tremendous growth in recent years due to its multi functionality and overall efficiency.  The best news is you generally can encompass all of this multi functionality in one installation.

  • Ornamental & Aesthetics – We provide subtle illumination of your home and then incorporate the necessary accent points.  Ornamental trees, statues, fountains, water features, hardscapes, arbors, benches, etc. often times are much more vibrant and alive when highlighted at night as opposed to the overwhelming competition they face during daylight hours from the surrounding landscape.
  • Functionality and Safety – Often times a major concern of many potential lighting clients is the need for visibility in very dark spots that still receive foot traffic at night.  Path lighting and Moonlighting can often times solve these problems with a gentle yet functional approach.  Paths, stepping stones, sitting areas, gazebos, patios and extended entertainment areas can all be professionally accented with light to provide for safety and in many cases added beauty as well.
  • Security – We understand that our clients don’t want their property to be illuminated like a commercial parking lot.  That being said, it’s easy to appreciate a softly illuminated property for the security it provides you and your family as it generally does not make a very good target for those hoping to sneak around and be unseen.
  • Automation – With our professional installation, you decide when and how long you want the system to operate.  If you want the system to come on at 7:00 pm every night and shut off at 11:00 pm, we handle setting up these operations for you.  As mentioned earlier, these systems have become so robust they can now be handled with remotes, sensors and many other approaches for manipulating the system to your needs.

Service & Repair

Of course we offer low voltage lighting service and repair for those potential clients who are having trouble with an existing lighting installation. Service and repair is billed by the hour after a brief consultation with the customer usually by phone or email correspondence. Customers who have their lighting installed by Nature One also have the option to go on our bulb replacement plan. Halogen system customers pay an annual fee to have all bulbs replaced on the system and these bulbs are guaranteed for one year or replaced if any fail short of this span.

Free Demonstration

We proudly offer all potential clients the chance to see their own property accented with light. For demonstrations we will generally pick a few spots on the property to showcase and then allow the customer to see the contrast between the areas painted with light versus those left dark.